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Submission Guidelines

Take some time to read the rules. There is no hurry!

If you still have doubts, we also have a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) at the bottom of this page. Just scroll down!


We at the National Photographic Society encourage all amateur and professional photographers from EVERYWHERE in the world to participate. Submit your best images to our diverse range of Contest Categories and let your photography career take off. We do not put any limits to the number of Contests you can simultaneously enter.


Make sure your photographs adhere to the following guidelines:

The image submitted must be original, and cannot come from any stock photos.

All images submitted must be owned by you, or you should have the right to represent them on behalf of the photographer

All images must be in JPG or JPEG format with a minimum quality of  (90%) or higher. 

Make sure to resize your pictures to 1000 pixels on the longest dimension.

All files must be less than 2 MB.

You can make basic adjustments to the image as long as it doesn’t alter its content. For example, adjusting contrast, exposure, dust removal, etc. are acceptable

Do not make adjustments by adding or removing an element from the image. 

Your submissions must not have any copyright symbols, watermarks, signatures, names, or personal logos on them. 

We only accept bleed photographs except for polaroids or any other processes that make borders an inherent part of the image.

You have the widest latitude to interpret the category of a contest in your own way.


It’s necessary to ensure that all photos and titles are in the correct order before your final submission since there is no way to correct any mistakes once your works are submitted. You also will not be able to add to, change, or delete from, any of the photos submitted. For the Contests, you do not need a cohesive body of works, so you can experiment with submitting different styles, execution, and artistic appeal in your works, as long as the photos adhere to the Contest Category.



Refer to the submission deadlines listed on the entry links for each Contest Category. For complete details on eligibility and restrictions, refer to the FAQs below.



Each contest category will carry total cash prizes worth up to $500 with the following winners recognized within each category.

The winners shall be awarded guaranteed cash prizes of $500.

Top Photographer Award - Guaranteed $200 cash, Certificate of Recognition, Promotions on social media and email campaigns

Best-of-the-Show Award - Guaranteed $150 cash, Certificate of Recognition, Promotions on social media and email campaigns

Merit Award - Guaranteed $100 cash, Certificate of Recognition, Promotions on social media 

Talent Award - Guaranteed $50 cash, Certificate of Recognition

Honorable Mention Award - Certificate of Recognition

* We send all the cash prizes via PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, create one here

** Depending on the quality and quantity of submissions, additional finalists will be awarded Certificates of Recognition for each Category.



The entry fee for photos in any contest category varies from $4-$10 based on the number of entries made. .

The breakdown is as follows:

$10 for 1 photo - $10/entry

$25 for up to 3 photos - $8.33/entry

$35 for up to 5 photos - $7/entry

$45 for up to 7 photos - $6.43/entry

$50 for up to 10 photos - $5/entry

$90 for up to 20 photos - $4.50/entry

$100 for up to 25 photos - $4/entry

The entry fee is non-refundable.

In any category, you may enter as many photos as you like. For submissions of more than 25 photos to the same category, please repeat the application process. You may also enter contests in as many categories as you like

See below for a list of  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

For a list of all rules and regulations, please visit our Terms of Use.

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What do I need to know about the photo Contests?
Each Contest is based on a specific Category and all submitted photos should be based on that specific Category. However, the photographer is given a wide latitude to venture outside of the strict category definition as long as an apparent connection can be established with that Category.

When are the Contest deadlines? 
Clearly set deadlines are highlighted within each Contest Category.

Will Contest deadlines be extended?
Unfortunately, we do not extend any deadlines. Make sure to bookmark us and make your submissions ASAP. Don’t wait until the last minute for any unseen hiccup.



How many photos can I submit for the contests?
You can submit an unlimited number of photos for each Contest Category. However, we allow a maximum of 25 photos for each submission. If you'd like to enter more than 25 entries, please repeat the entry process as desired.

What file types are acceptable?
Please submit your photos in JPG or JPEG format only. For other image specifications, check the rules.

What is the maximum allowable file size?
Files will need to be less than 2MB.

Will I be able to add to, edit, or delete from the photos I initially upload?
, once you submit your photos you will no longer have the ability to change these in any way, even though you will always be able to view them.

Do I need to upload a Statement and Biography along with my photos?
, you do not need to add anything else for the Contests.

Will others be able to view my photo uploads when I submit?
The winners of our contests shall be decided through popular vote. So anyone who visits the voting page will be able to see your submitted images.


What kind of awards and prizes do you provide?
For every photography Contest, no matter the Category, we confer a total cash prize money of up to $500.


The breakdown is as follows:

Top Photographer Award - Guaranteed $200 cash, Certificate of Recognition, Promotions on social media and email campaigns

Best-of-the-Show Award - Guaranteed $150 cash, Certificate of Recognition, Promotions on social media and email campaigns

Merit Award - Guaranteed $100 cash, Certificate of Recognition, Promotions on social media 

Talent Award - Guaranteed $50 cash, Certificate of Recognition

Honorable Mention Award - Certificate of Recognition

Finalist Award - Certificate of Recognition

Do you guarantee to award $500 cash to winners in all Contests regardless of the Categories?
Yes, the winners are guaranteed to receive a $500 cash prize for each category.

How do I receive the prize money if I am selected as one of the Contest winners?
PayPal is the only manner in which we can pay out the winning prize money. If you do not have an account with PayPal, we strongly suggest that you get one by clicking on this link. It is safe, secure, and swift. We are unable to pay you by checks, by bank transfers, or by any other means outside of PayPal. 

Do you withhold any federal, state, or local taxes when you give out the prize money?
Please make sure that you follow all local laws and report any income to the appropriate tax authorities who have jurisdiction over your state or country, if necessary.


How much is the entry fee?
All our Contests have a $10
 entry fee. 
Is the entry fee refundable?
No, the entry fee is non-refundable once a successful submission has been made to a Contest.

How do I pay the entry fee?
When you click to enter the Contest, you will be taken to our secure payment portal. You can either pay by PayPal or choose to make a credit card payment
. The National Photographic Society accepts all major credit cards. After the payment has been successfully processed, you will be taken to the submission form to upload your photos and other application details.

Do I need to be a professional photographer in order to submit to the Contests?
Of course not!
In fact, most of our entries come from amateur photographers and photography enthusiasts, who also happen to receive the bulk of awards and prizes. 

Do I need to be a citizen of any particular country to apply?
We welcome photographers from all corners of the globe and from every country in the world to participate in our Contests. We remain confident that our diversity is our greatest strength. 

Is there any age restriction for participating in the contest?
You will need to be at least 18 years of age to enter any Contest.



What are the benefits of entering a Contest based on a particular Category?
Each Contest will come with cash prizes of up to $500. But beyond just the monetary gain, as a rising voice in the photographic community, the National Photographic Society will give you tremendous exposure among an engrossed global audience. If one of your entries is selected to be among the prizewinning photos, it can lead to exceptional career growth, in addition to enhancing your portfolio and curriculum vitae. We also confer multiple awards and Certificates of Recognition to all our Honorable Mentions and Finalists, which means there is a much better chance to be selected as a winner than in most other photography Contests.

Can I sell my photos on the website?
Absolutely! You will be able to sell your photos commission-free, and we will forward all prospective buyer inquiries to you directly. Over half of all art sales worldwide come through online transactions, and by cutting any middlemen, you will be able to keep all of your profits.

Who owns the copyrights of my photos?
You. And it will always be that way.


What do I do if I have more questions or need further clarifications?
Please feel free to email us at  and we will get back to you within one business day.

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